Grown & Fit Women

After the age of 50, women begin to experience so many changes from the inside to the outside.  While these changes are natural, It can be extremely difficult to navigate these changes and keep up.  We all want to maintain our youthful beauty and ideal weight and when when it goes away it becomes emotional.  A women's body is so complex and very intelligent which means there is a way to continue aging without looking aged.  Here we will  discuss so many ways to stay in tuned with your body.  As you make choices on how to navigate the changes remember, block out the noise and know that there is no one size fits all.  Listen to your body and it will tell you what it needs.


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Exercise just like most things is not a one size fits all.  Every body works and responds differently to different types of programs.  Determine your goal.  Is it weight loss, change body composition or improve health. Then choose a programs that meets you where you are in terms of fitness level and gradually pushes you to the next level.  Don't get comfortable and do the same exercises daily.  The body will eventually adjust to that exercise and the benefits are lessoned.   Regardless of you goals you must find exercise programs that will challenge you.  The famous saying, "If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you."

Interview with Deanna Cauthen

Interview with Deanna Cauthen

The Working Woman Radio Show interview with Anita Rigmaiden.  "The working woman's guide to fitness"

Hormone Testing

Hormone Testing

Hormones play a huge roll in a women's life.  They decide how we feel, how we look, how we interact with other, what we eat, when we eat and the list goes on.  It is natural for estrogen to decline as we age.  However, if you know your levels  and use the right foods & supplements you can take control.  

Low Estrogen Symptoms

  • Fatigue

  • Night sweats

  • Hot flashes

  • Insomnia

  • Hair loss

  • Anxiety

  • Moodiness

  • Weight gain

  • Irritability

  • More.....

Raw Foods

Raw Foods

Incorporating more raw foods into your diet can have so many health benefits.  Vegetables lose their nutrients when they are overcooked. Then we add oils, and buttery sauces that causes them to become fattening.  Eating more raw foods can give you more energy, better skin, improved digestion and much more.



There are several ways to fast and each methos comes with several benefits.  From intermittent fasting to 30 day fasting.  From water fast to meat fasting.  Each method comes with the benefits that will put your body in balance. The body is so smart and complex it will begin to heal itself during a fasting state. Just like most things there is no one size fits all.  Do your research and find out what you body responds to. 

Benefits of Fasting

  • Increased Ketones

  • Decreased Insulin

  • Increased autophagy

  • Decreased glycogen

  • Weight loss

  • Brain Clarity

  • Lower blood pressure

  • More.....